Q) Is the item authentic?

A) Yes. All my items are always 100% authentic. If you have doubts please refer any item to an independent authentication service.

Q) Is there room for negotiating the price?

A) Unfortunately not. The price listed here is the lowest i'm afraid that I can accept, but I am sure you will agree that its both competitive and realistic. If you are buying four (4) items or more in A transaction, I am always happy to give 5% discount of total cost (only) not inclusive of postage.

Q) What payment methods do you accept?

A) For Malaysia & UK customers or those holding either a ringgit account or sterling account, Bank transfer is a favored choice. Alternatively, i also accept Paypal payment, with an extra 3% charge fees and shall be borne by the buyer.

Q) What courier service do you use?

A) For Malaysia (domestic) customers, I always use Pos Laju unless otherwise stated.

And for international customers, i use Express Mail Service(EMS) that provides trace & track service via online and the postal charges are to be borne by the international customers. This service varies considerably depending on the weight and the compensation taken. Proof of postage will be emailed to the customers once it is posted.

Q) How long will my item takes to get to me?

A) I always post within three (3) working days from full receipt of payment, twice a week usually on Monday and Thursday. I reserve the right not to post if something urgent came up!
Delivery via Pos Laju will take 1-3 working days depending on your location whilst International delivery time is beyond my control. I will always provide an estimate of delivery date but this cannot be guaranteed due to other variables and unforeseen circumstances such as customs, weather, seasonal volume, etc.

Q) How will I know where my parcel is?

A) All parcels are usually sent via tracked post that can identify progress to destination. The tracking number is always provided so you can monitor shipping time.

In my practice, I obtain postage receipt as record keeping. However, should the parcel got lost, I will provide you the postage receipt so you can claim against the carrier.

*Please take note that I can't and will not be responsible to the lost parcel once it is posted out, however, I will assist and advice on how to file claim if this unlikely event happens.

Q) How do I know what the condition of the item is like?

A) Everyones condition standards are different. What is 'Well Used 'to one person, may be someone elses 'Excellent'. Whilst I do described my items, according to my own standards, please view all photos "in actual size" that let you see every detail, so you can make your own decisions  as to whether something is right for you.

Q) Please will you 'hold / reserve' an item for me?
A) Unfortunately I am not able to reserve or layaway items and all items remain 'Available' on the site until purchased or an agreeable deposit is received, sorry. I treat all my Customers equally and maintaining fair and consistent policies for everyone is a very important aspect of my services.

Q) I have a discount voucher. Can I use it to get money off?

A)Yes, just email me your Code and the % discount will be deducted from any purchase. Unfortunately, Discount Voucher aren't redeemable during Sale period or together with any other offers, thank you.

Q) Do you buy or sell items for others i.e consignment as I have some things I'd like to recycle?
A) Yes. If your items are in an Excellent condition and from a designer or at least High-Street, I'd be happy to hear from you. Please read Consignment Service for details.

Q) Can I email you about something else entirely?

A)Yes! I adore getting emails from readers/customers, and I really try to respond to them. Unfortunately, I’m not able to respond to every single one (which is why I set up these FAQ, which I hope are helpful). I get many emails daily, and, while I love them, sometimes it’s impossible to respond to all of them, while juggling marriage, two (2) toddlers, and plain old life responsibilities. Please forgive me if I wasn’t able to reply, I so appreciate your emails and thoughts!

Q) May I use your images for my site?
A) Of course! As long as you link it to my blog..thanks...

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